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South Africa
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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Aliwal North

Aliwal North
September 19, 2007
We are well rested, luggage packed and ready to take on the next 2 ½ weeks.
As we leave Colesberg for Aliwal North. We’re checked out of Gallop Inn and standing on the sidewalk with our bags. Someone came along and unlocks the trailer that was parked near the sidewalk. We packed the trailer with our luggage, but we need more space. The waiting game starts again. We’re waiting for the trailer to be hooked up to a vehicle and a vehicle to carry the rest of our luggage and us of course.
Just now, two cars arrive within minutes of each other. What do you know; the last vehicle, the driver is a banker, working on banker’s hours? Off we go to meet out next host family. We met in a small town name Venterstad. We said our good byes and thank you to Jack and Dave.

As we traveled another 1 ½ hour, Elizabeth of course needed a pit stop .We stopped in small town named Bugerdorp. Andrea is checking on the plans and yes they have changed. We arrived safely at the homes of our host families. Andrea and Loretta are staying together again at the Conville Bed and Breakfast. The Conville Bed and Breakfast is a beautiful mini castle with wonderful landscape and a dairy farm. Andrea and I are received a quick farming lesson on Lucerne, as Rex try to cool off in the pond. The team reassembled at Khapa Public Fet College to get a first hand experience of the literacy program sponsored by Rotary of Aliwal North. The program is designed to provide Basic English lessons and skills. The students are taught using computers software that guide them through each lesson plans such as letter writing, grammar, vocabulary, curriculum vitas, creating invitations and programs. The student’s age ranges from 14-54 years of age. The class is held once a week for an hour. The evening concluded with a social gathering and the team giving our presentation at Linda and Antony (Conville BB).

The next day was vocational day for each of us. Will, Elizabeth and I went to the Holy Cross Catholic School where Annette (?) teaches grade 2. Dr. Smith gave the class a lesson, while Will and I gave out juicy fruit chewing gum.

We were than taken to the Aliwal North Masango Career School. Most of the students are classified as street children. The children were happy to greet American. They sang and danced for us. The staff prepared coffee and tea as we sit with them to learn more about the school. The local Newspaper came out to capture some pictures to do a story on our visit. Annie and Andrea visited a hospital in Lady Gray. The evening concluded with a social gathering the Conville Bed and Breakfast. The next morning we were off to Lesotho. So we think!!!!

Loretta Davis, GSE Team Member

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